Professional Public Speaker & Auctioneer Apprenticeship - International Travel

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Full-time


Park West Gallery is one of the world’s largest art galleries, bringing artwork to the people since 1969. We operate on over 90 cruise ships on over 5 cruise line companies all around the world. We believe Art is for Everyone, whether you know a little or a lot about art, you can find something you love!


But you said public speaker….


Yes! We are looking for enthusiastic, driven, and adventurous folks to come join our art teams onboard. You’ll start as an ‘Art Associate’ working with clients and supporting your team, working your way up to ‘Art Auctioneer’ where you will conduct auctions, seminars, and lead your team.


On any given day, you will:

  • Interact with cruise ship passengers, chatting to them about their day and about artwork that has caught their eye
  • Setup art displays of up to 300 artworks on auction days
  • Work alongside a close-knit team of 4-8 art team members
  • Engage in consultative one-on-one sales conversations
  • Create marketing material for distribution
  • Give presentations, seminars, and/or cruise ship announcements
  • Assist with admin such as inventory and paperwork



  • Positive attitude, enjoyment in meeting others
  • Appreciation for beauty and art
  • Grit: ability to roll up your sleeves and get the hard work done
  • Ability to live and work on a cruise ship for 6 months at a time, sharing a cabin with another art team member (but Auctioneers get their own cabin!)
  • Must be 21 years or older to work onboard


Big Pluses:

  • Public speaking experience
  • Sales experience
  • Secondary language skills


Training and Development:

Park West fosters a developmental culture, always believing in getting 1% better everyday by challenging yourself, and your team, to be the best it can be. We offer a 10-day training prior to working onboard where we’ll teach you the building blocks of the job, as well as introducing you to some of our star artists and learning about what inspires them. By coming to our advanced training sessions yearly, you’ll continue to learn from industry leaders in how to be the best.


The Lifestyle:

You’ll work as an Independent Contractor onboard, working alongside art team members and other cruise workers from dozens of nationalities.This opportunity naturally allows you to travel the world for free while developing sales, marketing, and business skills.

You’ll work about 6 months onboard with a 5 week vacation following, after which you’ll return back for another 6 month work period followed by 5 week vacation, and so on.

This is a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle; fast-paced and full action! Not everyday will be long and trying, but everyday is a work day. If you can’t miss your nightly TV program or live for lazy Sundays, this isn’t the job for you.


Sounds awesome! How do I apply?

Please complete an application, making sure in your answers that we get to know YOU! Remember, we make art - something that can be intimidating or misunderstood - fun and approachable. We want to see your fun side and why you think you’d be a great fit.